How to use Burp Suite Rest API?

Setting up the API


  • /knowledge_base/issue_definitions:- This endpoint retrieves the scan definitions, including the issue ID, name, and description.
  • /scan:-This endpoint can programmatically start Burp Active scans.
  • /scan/[task_id: String]:- This endpoint will sent information regarding a scan.

How to use these APIs to do a scan on your website?

  • Add your website where it says add array item. You can add more websites by simply clicking on Add array item.
  • You can add a login to your application by checking the application_logins box.
  • We can choose 2 options to set your login. Either set your creds or record your login using Burps Embedded browser
  • You can Configure Scans as well in the scan_configurations section. This means you can set your burp to do crawling or doing audit checks.
  • These scan configurations are the built-in configurations of burp. You can see them when you go to Burp → configuration library




Security Engineer |Help in building apps more secure|

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Siddhanth Dwivedi

Siddhanth Dwivedi

Security Engineer |Help in building apps more secure|

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