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How to Run BurpSuite API with a script?

So in my previous post, I told you how to integrate Jenkins with BurpSuite Professional. But this one is different we will run the Burp’s active scan with a simple python script. And later you can add that to your Jenkins and fully automate the testing part. So let’s get things rolling

Download the Script from Github.

Clone the Repo from Github

now you have to install the requirements of the script.

cd BurpSuite-API

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Now you have to enter the IP address of the Burp Suite API

In my case I choose enter your url with -u

now enter your path for the data.json file with -f

the data.json file will contain everthing after -d ‘ and remove the last ‘. Copy all of it and paste in file and name it anything with the json extension.

the sample data would look like this

Now run the script

python3 -u -f /Users/mafiaguy/Desktop/data.json

and the scan will automatically run and it will provide you with all the data of the active scan and all the vulnerability it found along with the definition of that particular vulnerability.

and its the end.




Security Engineer |Help in building apps more secure|

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Siddhanth Dwivedi

Siddhanth Dwivedi

Security Engineer |Help in building apps more secure|

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